Complying  with  statutory  and  legal  norms

Complying with statutory and legal norms is imperative for businesses in India. This requires valuable work time, resources and continuous monitoring to avoid penalties for non- compliance.

Timely and efficient statutory compliance process means:

  1. Avoiding legal implications & penalties

  2. Access to regional and local expertise

  3. Centralized error free data & documents that is readily available

  4. Professional support during inspections / audits

  5. Assured ethical practices with strict time line adherence

Clients find our statutory and compliance services as an ideal solution because we help them stay compliant. Our range of services include – trust management services, shops and establishments compliance services, factory compliance services, payroll compliance management services, query management and CLRA management.

TDS, today, has permeated in most functions of the business, which requires businesses to be extremely meticulous in compliance. With increased focus of the companies towards core areas of the business, an entrepreneur is not expected to indulge into day to day and routine function of TDS and its requirements. We help clients in devising compliance assurance systems and report thereto the management on periodic basis.

VAT registration or TIN number is mandatory for all entities involved in the sale of goods and products. VAT regulations are unique to each State. Kingsman offers VAT registration.

Service tax registration is mandatory for all service providers having taxable turnover of more than 9 lakhs in a financial year. Service Tax Registration is required for identification of the assesse, deposit service tax, file service tax returns and undertake various processes required under the Finance Act. Kingsman provides assistance for Service Tax registration as well.

To the ever-changing statutory environment calls for valuable time, effort and resource allocation, which otherwise can be spared to focus more on your core competency. At Kingsman, we provide Statutory and labor compliance advice and services, ensuring all your statutory and legal requirements are met and remain 100% legally compliant

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