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For Individuals, we understand your requirements clearly, assess your financial landscape and provide the most appropriate advice. We are proactive, respond quickly, and always put clients first.

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For Business, we understand that managing your own business takes a lot more than hard work. Regardless of what your financial priorities are as a business owner, Kingsman  has the resources, skill set, and experience to address them.


At an individual level, all of us have financial goals. These goals help us to lead a comfortable life for us and for our family. To achieve our financial goals, we need a proper planning and execution. It is equally true that financial goals cannot be achieved instantly and during a situation of crisis. Kingsman  has always believed in planning well before such situation arises. We provide end to end structural planning and an execution plan to make our customers achieve their financial goals satisfactorily.

Our services under Individual Financial Planning includes –

Wealth management cannot be done in bits and pieces. It should not be just a goal to be achieved after retirement or during wealth transfer. It starts with defining broad goals which covers personal objectives; these goals are then translated into financial goals. Once financial goals are defined according to the nature and requirement of the goals, Kingsman  helps you to design the right strategy and execution with the help of our well researched resources and support. We are with you at every stage right from understanding your objective, converting it into financial goals and suggesting the best suitable solution to achieve your goals.

Whenever it is about financial planning, majority of the people follow reactive strategy rather than thoughtful proactive financial planning. For example, as a method of reaction towards tax saving, majority of the people end up in investing in Provident Fund or similar tax saving plans. The objective is very short sighted and just to save the tax. Financial planning is much beyond this reactive strategy. It is about getting returns according to your financial goals. If you can generate 10-15% assured returns from your money, then why to invest where you get lesser returns just with an objective to save tax.

Kingsman collective expertise and skill set help our customers to design and execute an optimized financial plan for themselves. We provide timely, qualitative business insights for more confident and effective decision making.

Retirement planning should start from the starting phase of life and not at the later phases of life. It is one of the most important life events for many of us. A comfortable retirement plan, that actually gives desired results, is an output of sensible planning and years of persistence. While all of us would want a comfortable retirement, it requires years of planning and execution. It can be a very tiring and time consuming process.

Kingsman  helps you to achieve a comfortable retirement. We help you to plan and execute it with little preparation, research, an attainable savings in good investment plan and a long term commitment. You can rely on us and retire with financial and personal fulfillment.

We all tend to avoid risk. But it is said more the risk greater is the gain. Risk should not be avoided rather it should be managed for better result. We at Kingsman  help you to identify, assess, respond to, monitor and report risk. We provide risk management solutions that are customized to our clients.

Earning money is tough. To save tax on that money is even tougher in terms of Indian Income Tax. The structure is so complex that it needs proper planning and execution to arrive at proper tax planning. We at Kingsman  help our clients to minimize their risk of forfeiture and maximize benefits. We have a wide range of tax planning techniques that we have for all range of customers and their respective financial goals. We design and execute plans that provide comprehensive and customized tax compliance support for individuals.

The tax filing process may be tedious but it is very important and necessary. At important junctions of life like home loans, education loans, vehicle loans, foreign trips, etc ITR filing is a must. We understand that due to busy day to day life, ITR filing can become low priority for our customers. We are there to help you and do your ITR filing .

Loan is the best means to achieve some of the goals that are beyond reach to achieve from our regular earnings. But a loan also brings a liability. It has to be handled with precision and planning.

Kingsman  delivers advice and solutions through our experienced loan market professionals. Our team of loan experts has a proven track record of successful delivery in their specific area of expertise. Be it your child’s education, a foreign holiday, a sudden home renovation, a family wedding, repayment of an existing loan, a personal emergency or even a home loan. We make it happen for you

Insurance is all about taking care of the least probable. It is important to feel safe and secure in the times of uncertainty. We recognize how important your family is to you and how much you work hard for them.

Kingsman  provides wide range of insurances for life, health and general insurances. It never advises its customer to buy insurance policies for investment purpose. We believe that, Insurance is to secure you and your family and not to make money out of it.


Every business is full of dynamic ecosystem. We understand that managing your own business takes a lot more than hard work. It is much more complex than planning and implementing. Finance is like a life line of business and it is required at each stage of business. We at Kingsman , understand financial goals of your business at every stage and help you achieve your business goals. We have resources, expertise, skill set and experience to convert your financial goals into realities. We can assist you business from Idea to IPO.

Our services for Businesses include the following:

Virtual CFO Service is for the businesses that have finance and accounts team but do not have a full time CFO working with them. There are many challenges faced by a growing business in absence of a finance leader. Virtual CFO by Kingsman  helps you to navigate those challenges effectively by providing professional advice, analysis and support to management. We help to fill the void of not having in-house CFO.

Start ups and SMEs are increasingly recognizing the need to have professional CFO services. They realize the need of managing a business’s finance and accounts, compliances, corporate governance, reporting and strategic requirements. We help you to grow your business the same way as it would have been in the presence of a CFO.

Every successful business is a passion well executed. Funds are the fuel of every business which are required at every stage of a business. Whether a business is at idea stage which needs funds to execute the idea or it is an existing business that needs expansion to meet its growth plans, funds are necessary. Kingsman understands the need for funds and provides assistance for Fund Raising at every stage of business.

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